Saturday, March 22, 2014

Outline for the Second Term Paper

  1. Introduction
    A. Introduce Inertia and how it relates to films
    B. Thesis – Films such as Gravity, the Star Wars Trilogy, and the Matrix Trilogy all have examples of this law being broken during their intense scenes.

Body Paragraphs

  1. Gravity
    A. Introduce film and general portrayal of physics
    B. Introduce story moment – when Kowalski has to let go of Ryan in order for her to survive
    C. Explain physics discrepancies
  2. Star Wars
    A. Jump to Light-speed – explain why inertia is ignored when the ships jump
    B. If a ship accelerated that fast, the characters within it would be crushed by the inertia
    C. Ship also slows down to a normal speed instantaneously, ignoring the fact that a reasonable force must act upon it to bring it to that speed, in a reasonable amount of time
  3. The Matrix
    A. Describe general physics used in fight scenes
    B. The fights are choreographed and modified to create impact, laws of physics broken as a result
    C. Movement of character bodies while being kicked far away – straight bodies, inertia unaccounted for.
    D. Characters tend to fly both when hit or when attacking without the force of gravity adjusting their velocity.

  1. Conclusion
    A. The physics is tweaked to give the scenes more impact. Each of the films does this for a different reason
    B. This is another artistic element that can be played with the wow the audience.

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