Monday, March 3, 2014

Stop Motion Animation of Falling

I decided to do a classic ball bounce test, and chose to have the ball start off at the very edge of a ledge. The ball was simply cut out from an advertisement I got in a mail, and the ledge was made of some blue tape. I found a clear spot on the wall and set up the scene there, deciding to have the ball eventually fall into a gap provided by the box's lid flaps. I used tape to hold the "ball" into place, and re-stuck it to the wall for every frame, making sure to take the "falling a la chai" spacing technique into account, as well as making sure to rotate the logo on the ball evenly in each frame. I tried to use SAM Animation to record the image, but it unfortunately wasn't working on my computer for some unknown reason, and I thus had to go with my default web-cam capturing program.

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